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Stand out and be noticed.

standRed and Company is a network of talented and creative individuals that offers support and enhancement to your brand.

We cater to companies and individuals alike that need to boost up visibility in the local and global scene. We provide services that elevate brand value in the market.

What We Do

adMarketing Services

We can help your business plan better marketing plans and execute them to achieve a more profitable result.

We design customer and company-oriented marketing materials intended to create more awareness and sale for your products.

We can inspire you to make your ideas more viable to the market. We can increase your network among other entrepreneurs in the local market. We help you make your brand more recognizable by providing you with customized services in Brand definition, conceptualization, brand components (personality, identity, character, personality), policing that all your marketing collaterals are aligned to your goals as to how you intend your brand to be perceived by your market. We have a battery of writers and designers that can maximize your allocated budget to your campaigns. Likewise, our team can also formulate an efficient campaign that can both achieve brand retention and recall. Our design group is customer-oriented. We make sure that our designs clearly communicate your message and achieve your goal in every material produced. In this way, your budget is well utilized and returns with an efficient recall from your audience.  
eventsThe power of every event is the impact it brings all throughout the process. From conceptualization, supplier management, promotion and execution, we are with you in every step of the way. Every leg is maximized in its full potential to deliver your money’s worth.Web designing The websites we build for our clients are user-friendly, goal-oriented, clean and convincing. We do as much as possible to relate the client’s needs and wants with it’s customers.

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